Palm Springs has always been my jam, I visit at least 10 times a year. Yes, 10. Just when I felt like I had seen everything the desert had to offer, the Avalon Hotel popped up. This boutique location used to be a Viceroy Hotel, which I loved. I’m not sure what made them switch but I was pleasantly surprised by the change. At first when I heard that the Viceroy was no longer, I was really bummed. I’m always up for trying new things though, so we checked into the new digs and really loved it! The Avalon still has the charm and swanky style that Kelly Wearstler so perfectly designed for the space but it has sweet little upgrades that make the stay so comfortable.

These are a few of my favorite things about my visit to the Avalon…

1) Since we’ve entered the time of the Jetsons, everything is controlled by a tablet. Room Service, Valet, Cable, Laundry, EVERYTHING! It even greets you by name! I know this is common in hotels now but I’m still impressed.

2) Chi Chi restaurant was delish! We ordered a late night snack while watching “Bad Santa” on Saturday night (Btw, the best holiday movie ever) and the next day we ordered breakfast in bed. It was so good and they were so accommodating to my high maintenance, off menu requests.

3) I love a good hotel robe and their “ah” monogrammed ones did not disappoint. In fact the monogram captured my sentiments exactly. “Aaaahhhhh…”

We loved our quick trip to Palm Springs, it was one of our best. This is due to many things but our hotel stay was certainly a big part of our much needed relaxation and fun. I think we found a new favorite place to stay, so much so that we’ve already booked our next trip. Hmmm, obsessed much?

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