A few years ago, I worked on “90210″, the reboot, not the original. I’m not that old. 😉 Naturally, I was obsessed with the wardrobe and made friends with the very talented Costume Designer, Kime Buzzelli. I would always play dress up in her office and take a peek at the cast’s ensembles for upcoming episodes. I also tried to claim pieces for the eventual “end of series” sale. When that sucker came around, I cleaned up! I went back 3 times and my closet thanks me for it every day! Hehe!

Kime and I have stayed friends over the years and she now owns a vintage store in Yucca Valley called THE END. On my recent trip to the desert, I just had to stop in and shop with my girl at her oasis gem. Kime has put so much time, effort and love into this shop and it shows. The moment you arrive you can tell how special it is to her. Every detail is impeccable. Just look at these murals! Because I am so in love with this store, I will have several posts to show you just how rad THE END is. For today, take a look at the stunningly funky exterior, next post, we’re going in! If you’re ever out in the Palm Springs/Joshua Tree area, YOU MUST GO!

Dress: Shareen, Hat: Topshop, Shoes: Shoemint, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

 Photos by Rebecca Pimm.

This post was written while listening to “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies.

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